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May 10, 2012Seeking Alpha - Apple Helping to Revolutionize the Coupon Industry

Apple's disruptive and game changing technology is at it again, this time as a means to revolutionize the supermarket coupon industry. Most shoppers know what a hassle it is to collect and use coupons for grocery shopping. They don't do it because it is fun or easy but yet the savings on your grocery bill are too good to pass up. Consumers throughout the recession and in 2012 continue to use more coupons (despite the hassle) to cut their grocery bills. The growth of extreme couponing has even spurned a cottage industry. One thing all shoppers can agree on is collecting these paper coupons and keeping track of them while shopping is no fun.

Well new technology linking coupons from a digital website via an iPad app to a retailer's loyalty card lets users click instead of clip coupons and still save on their grocery bill.

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March 29, 2012AARP Blog - App of the Week: Coupons Gone Digital

Clipping grocery coupons has been a Sunday morning ritual for me since I was a young girl.

My Mom and I, armed with our sharp scissors, would scour the weekly coupon sections searching for our favorite brands. We cut the coupons, placed them in piles according to product type, and then put them in the special envelope marked “Groceries” in big red letters.

I didn’t shop with my Mom, so I’m guessing she remembered to take her special envelope to the store with her. Not so with me.

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March 19, 2012Media Daily News - News America Marketing Debuts iPad Coupon App

One of the nation’s largest coupon publishers, News America Marketing, has created a free iPad app for couponing called SmartSource Xpress. The iPad app is a digital extension of the print brand, SmartSource Magazine, a Sunday coupon insert reaching 74 million homes in the U.S. every week, and its associated Web site, SmartSource.com.

The SmartSource Xpress app allows consumers to find and digitally “clip” coupons for savings on household brands and products including Campbell Soup, Colgate-Palmolive, Comet, Energizer, Kraft Foods, and Rubbermaid, among others.

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